Sunday, January 30, 2011

The celebration of my birth

Started my day off with a little I Hop and a little family
funny tangent--we were expecting 17 people. When we told them I think their eyes grew about 10,000 times bigger and it was all they could do to keep their jaw's closed. :) Gotta love the Bradshaw clan, and Hanna.
Then, nothing better than a good ol' audition for regionals! My playing was NOT the greatest, but needless to say, I made it in! Wahoo! Now to practice my brains out and my fingers off for the chair test!
My wonderful mother picked Hanna and I up early to come home, and Hanna and I used the small amount of time we had to start cashin' in the free birthday merchandise! Starting with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts!
Then we got a free medium sub from Fire House. And let me say. It was AMAZING! Definitely in love with the #4! (and its my lucky number. How great!?)
Then it was off to Road Show practice. Let me say, our ward is pretty dang amazing! I think we've pulled off a miracle in getting this done, thanks to our awesome leaders!
After roadshow, we met up with these guys (plus 6 others) and headed off for a night of fun!
We went to Sub Zero, where Kelly was working, and got a free ice cream! I love watching them make the ice cream! SOO cool!

Then we made a couple of other unsuccessful stops, but had fun anyway.
Jack in the Box gave us some curly fries, after scaring the junk out of us

And Wendy's asked me what I thought my birthday deserved...Hanna said 4 frosty's. One for each of us that were in the car. And they brought them!
And mine was the huge milkshake type one, with WAY too much whipped cream on it that Trent got to eat, and a few cherries, that Hanna got to eat.
Then I came home and found these beautiful flowers on my dresser from my Dad---he picked them out of the flower bed in the front yard! They are SO pretty! I love them!
Some more happy thoughts...
Oh yeah, and the picture behind is one my momma bought for me of the three white dresses-one of my FAVORITES, and it's beautiful!
I got heart attacked by three of my wonderful friends, Hanna, Alyssa and McKenna.
Hanna and Sarah made sure that the entire bus on the way to regionals sang happy birthday to me.
Mesa High won the game Friday night. It was intense. And very hot.
I didn't sleep NEAR enough this weekend.
I got an awesome Twilight card, that included a jealous, and a gift card to Cafe Rio. That's right. I have the greatest sister ever.
I got to watch my adorable nieces and nephews--all of them that live in Mesa at some point this week.
We've reunited with the foster family on facebook.
It rained today.
Tomorrow begins February-the month of love. And I love love--not for myself, but for other older people.
Elder Blake Face Merrell left on his mission.
We have a real late start on Wednesday. And no A Hour. School doesnt start until after 10. YES!
Life. Is. Beautiful.

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Bev said...

I thought of you on Sat., but I was out of town. I'll be by soon with your B'day gift!! I know you had a blast on your special day and you DESERVE it!! Love you girlie!!